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ReMAKE group is led by Rebecca L. Flora, a transformative leader and doer who shapes built and organizational systems into positive contributors to the growth of sustainable societies. Services are customized for each situation and roles vary widely from trusted advisor to technical expert. ReMAKE’s work often begins with identifying common stakeholder values that serve as trail markers for each unique journey toward creating a resource positive world for future generations to inherit, embrace and steward.  

Finding the best path forward is not easy.

Our society no longer has the luxury of time or reserves for do-overs, we need collaborative leadership that guides with an “all hands on deck” approach where all resources are valued and optimized to tackle the impacts of climate change, unprecedented market disruptors and social injustices being experienced by communities of all types.

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Getting it right the first time around is not easy. Plans and programs intended to benefit society and regenerate natural systems are complex with multiple and sometime competing objectives to be achieved from limited resources. There are many pitfalls that may derail or reduce project outcomes even further than the ever-present limitations of tight budgets and human behavior.  Balancing all concerns within the situational realities of deadlines, policy barriers and capacity shortages often leads project teams down the path of least resistance leaving behind missed opportunities and voices unheard. The result is an outcome that has less impact, few supporters and unrealized outcomes.

ReMAKE works with you to shape positive outcomes.

Rebecca L. Flora, ReMAKE’s founder, is a respected leader well-known for asking the tough questions, giving voice to those unheard, and her willingness to take a harder path to achieve better results. Rebecca utilizes her well-honed management skills to create efficient systems and form collaborative alliances that bring talent, perspective and voices to the table that will ensure you are on the right path from the beginning. ReMAKE brings hands-on, seasoned experience to help you avoid the pitfalls and achieve tangible outcomes with lasting value.

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Translating sustainability into localized relevance and action is what Rebecca does best. As someone who has who has taught, cajoled, advocated and advanced sustainability practices over her entire career she has witnessed the sustainability movement evolve and transform. Rebecca’s sustainability journey is not new, it is a deeply seated ethos.  She grew up as a fifth generation Adirondack native, where self-reliance and resource efficiency was a way of “North Country” life. Rebecca was shaped at an early age by the inherent value of natural systems and the strong nature of local culture. She is a genuine trailblazer who will guide you on the right path forward where resources along the way are valued to shape the best, most relevant outcomes for achievement of your sustainability goals.

ReMAKE in Action

ReMAKE has tackled a wide range of project types. Seasoned leadership, quality management systems and hands-on experience working in diverse settings provide a unique blend of expertise applicable to multiple project types and needs.

Clients and Organizations Served

ReMAKE Group serves real estate developers, community-based organizations, and investors who seek greater returns from the remaking of sites, buildings, and communities.

AIA Pennsylvania
Architecture Excellence Awards 2019
Contribution to the Profession by a Non-Architect, AIA PA, 2019

AIA Pittsburgh
Leadership Award, 2009

City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Service Award for Promoting Sustainability in Pittsburgh
December 9, 2008 proclaimed as “Rebecca Flora Day” by Pittsburgh City Council

Carnegie Science Center
Environmental Award, 2009

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Are you interested in learning more about sustainable societies? What built and natural systems influence the livability and wellness our communities? How to avoid pitfalls in project implementation? Are you exploring what aspects of sustainability are most relevant to your situation? Let’s have an exploratory conversation about these or other topics.

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