ReMAKE projects have occurred within government, private and non-profit sectors. All include elements that support the advancement of sustainable societies. Types of projects have included development of organizations, communities, real estate and businesses along with the preparation of sustainability, climate, resiliency and land development plans. The project range is vast, the experience provided by ReMAKE is deep. Key projects are highlighted on this page and more can be found within Rebecca’s CV.

Shaping Systems

Greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change are the largest within the macro sectors of transportation, buildings, and agriculture. These systems also greatly influence the livability of communities.

policy urban planning green building

What if policy that shapes the form and investment in these sectors included a community well-being meter to inform decision-making?

Economy urban planning green building

What if economic models monetized the value of ecosystem services and the societal cost of systemic poverty? 

infrastructure urban planning consulting green building

What if infrastructure went beyond the traditional definitions of pipes, power lines, and roads to include equitable access to workplaces and community resources, and it was green?

building urban planning green development

What if existing buildings could be adapted to be resilient, healthy, net-positive and contribute to creating better places around them? What if new buildings did all that and served multiple purposes?

food urban planning green building

What if more food was regionally sourced, and healthy for people and the planet?

These are just a few of the big questions that many across the globe are working to address. ReMAKE asks questions like these to challenge the status quo and seek better, more sustainable solutions. Our project examples provide tangible illustrations of how we have shaped systems to create greater societal good. The keys to ReMAKE’s success in these and any project are knowing the right questions to ask, having the technical capacity to generate better answers, and providing the leadership and management skills needed to overcome barriers and advance implementation.

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